Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just a normal day...

This post could get interesting!  I just took a Tylenol PM for my killer headache...couldn't find the regular it is! 

I'm going to venture off from my usual a bit.  So many things have happened recently that have reminded me that while we have suffered a horrible, great loss, we still have so many things to be thankful for.

A friend of mine's step son (like that run on?) is currently at Walter Reed Hospital recovering after being in a horrible accident in Afghanistan.  I'm not sure of all the details, but the damage was from an IED.  He had to have both of his legs amputated.  His attitude from his FB page (Prayers for Josh Wetzel) is amazing and humbling.  I can't imagine what his wife and family went through in those first few hours not having a complete picture of what was going on so far away.  I thank Josh, and his family, so much for his sacrifice and his service to our country. 

Along the same line of military, I am a speech pathologist at a rehab facility that has a high majority of retired military.  I'll never forget one of my favorite patients...he loved baseball and you had to use the stats to get him to do therapy!  But he was a Master Chief in the Navy.  He always had some interesting stories!  Another patient of mine is hilarious!  I know that as soon as he shows up I'm going to laugh my head off during therapy.  I have a wonderful student intern right now and I think he tries to embarrass her sometimes.  Here in Huntsville, AL, "space" is a huge industry.  He worked on the rockets and shuttles and gave me a great history lesson today on space "stuff".  I even tried to lock him down on if there were aliens, UFO's, and what the heck Area 51 is all about.  We talked about the "big moments" he's witnessed through out his life....the Depression, wars, JFK's assassination, the Challenger explosion, 9/11.  After he left today, my boss asked me if I knew that he (my patient) had been one of the first people on the ground after the Atomic Bomb.  He doesn't talk about it often.  I can't imagine what the people that stand up for our country truly go through.  I am not from an immediate military family, but am truly humbled and thankful for what our military does.  You don't have to agree with the war.  You don't have to agree with who is President or what we are doing.  However, I do think that you should support and be proud of our military.  They are doing their job, and I know that I honestly couldn't do it.  They are the reason you can complain so. 

I love my job.  I am guaranteed a laugh every day.  Some of these people I work with in therapy are great.  I've been propositioned 5 shiny new pennies to kiss my belly button....I had a 90 year old man grab my butt one day and when asked why he did it, he shrugged his shoulders and said "what do I have to lose?" ha! I had a wonderful patient with me (she was a teacher at my high school!) when I got the call about Kiernan's autopsy report.  She even cried with me.  I'm just so thankful to have a job that I enjoy, coworkers that I look forward to seeing every day, and patients that I feel like I can make a difference with.  It's such a rewarding feeling. 

Most of you know we have a new kitty at our house.  Her name is Sophie.  We rescued her and have been bottle feeding her.  She's so cute...but man does she have a temper when she is sleepy!  Right now we are trying to wean her from the bottle and over onto kitten's hard work!  She much prefers the milk..ha. 

Anyway...nothing earth shattering today.  I just wanted to write something that wasn't about poor me.  While I'll always miss Kiernan and I'll always wish stuff turned out different....."better" days have come about more often.  I feel more like myself, although I know there will always be a "before" and an "after" me.  I'm trying to accept that and move on, while remembering our sweet little boy every day.  Even if I had known that outcome, I would still have gone through it.

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  1. A beautiful post and it is so good to see you reaching a point where it can be authentically written. I know there's so much to deal with, but it is by the grace of God that after such overwhelming tragedies we reach a day when we are genuinely thankful for some of the good things in life while not losing sight of the love we have for those tiny babies. I know I found the good stuff awfully hard to see at first.

    Thinking of you often...