Thursday, May 24, 2012

Man up "Anonymous"

I received the following post on my blog this morning when I got up. It has bad language in it so I'm sorry in advance:

Why don't you quit your bitchin over how sad you are your kid is dead and admit whatever you did wrong that killed it.  Between that and your I'm fat posts it makes me want to stab myself in the eye.

My dearest Anonymous,

First, please feel free to repeatedly stab yourself in the eye over and over...and when you are done with that, proceed to any other part on your body that you would like.  I can think of a few if you need help.

Secondly, my child was not an "it". He was a beautiful little boy named Kiernan Patrick.

Thirdly, I don't know who the hell you think you are, obviously not much of anyone since you can't man up and sign your post by your name.  Coward. You obviously don't know me if you think for a split second of a second that I could or would harm my child.  Don't you think that between the tests that Huntsville Hospital ran, the Mayo Clinic, or even the autopsy would have found something? Cause God knows I would LOVE a freakin' answer.  I have so much to say to you, but I'm gonna keep it classy. Lord knows all I see right now is red and don't really trust the words coming out through my fingers. Trust me, I run things over and over in my head every single day.  Probably while you are sleeping, because I can't.  But, my questions run something like...Did that fingernail polish have something in it when I painted my toes?  What about when I touched up my hair color?  Did I eat enough veggies?  Did I get enough sleep? Too much?  I invite you to come spend five minutes with me. Just you and me.  Maybe we can settle the difference then.  It probably wouldn't take five minutes, but I'm sure I can think of something to fill up the time.  Then, I'll give you over to my husband, who was expecting a healthy little boy...then to my sister and my mom.  Then, I invite the other women that I have bonded with over this horrific experience to come and have a turn. There is a special place in hell for people like you. 


  1. however I'm sure that you are going through some kind of tramatic thing your self, how dare you add to the misery of someone else. The pain of burying a child too early is a pain no one should ever know. If you want to poke your eye out go ahead, do both, that way you won't have to read the blog at all! There is a saying, you reap what you sow, so if I were you I would be nervous. harvest time is going to be a bitch for you.

    Love you Aly,

  2. Um, unbelievable!

    You should submit this to

  3. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!! I'm sorry, but it's a persons CHOICE to read this blog, if you don't like it....then don't read it!!!! Idk how a person could write and comment that negatively about something they obviously have never experienced. This makes me sick and breaks my heart! And please forgive me, but I'm just going to say it....DAMN YOU ANONYMOUS!!!

    Bless you Alyson and Steve!!!


  4. I am in tears for you Aly that someone would write those things to you! They don't deserve a response from you at all!!!! You owe them no explanation. I am so sorry that they would write such horrible things and use such a tender subject to try to hurt you. Aly, YOU DID NOTHING WRONG! I so wish you had an explanation for this, but I got a feeling even if you had one it wouldn't be enough....It is due to sin in this world why such horrific tragedies happen, and also as to why we have cold heartless people like "Anonymous" who feel the need to be so mean. I don't understand why God allowed this to happen, but I do know that He loves you and He is with you and He doesn't want you to walk through this alone. Cling to him girl! His opinion is the only one who counts and He already told us that nothing can separate us from HIS love.

    I love you Aly and will continue to pray for you and your family! I will also pray for "Anonymous" because obviously this person has some serious issues to post such hurtful comments. Do not let this person get to you girl!


  5. Wow!! Seriously!!?? Why on earth would you post something like that!? If you don't want to read her blog then don't! Talking about your horrible experiences is what helps you move on. All I can say is your are obviously jealous of her for whatever reason you have. Otherwise you would just let it go and not read her blog if it bothers you so bad! Aly if you need anything let me know! I would love to know who posted such horrible things to you! -Kayla McClure

  6. Aly, I think that this anonymous person is probably that "THORN" best friend! And Aly, my husband is a 7th degree black belt whom could make this anonymous person regret that post. So if you need a hand let us know! - ADunson

  7. Thank you to each and every person who read this, or commented about this. It's much appreciated! Hugs!