Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tattoos don't mean I aint classy

Ok--so this is a rant over judging people. I'm not perfect and I've done it too.  But it really hit home to me when I was the one subject to the judging.

I have had a wonderful day off work.  I spent time at the gym, read a good book, lunch alone (with my book) at Panera..then a spray tan (my theory is tan fat is better than white fat...and we will be out in Nashville this weekend).

While I was there, I over heard a lady tell the hair dresser that she hoped her daughter didn't turn out like one of  "those girls with tattoos". I stopped in my tracks for a second.  You see, after everything that has happened, my whole "give a damn" button is broken.  I retraced my steps and looked the woman in the face.  I told her that I have a Master's degree, a whole bunch of fancy letters behind my name.  I am a wife and a sister and a daughter.  I have a good job and a good life.  I have had two children who are no longer on earth, and yet I get up out of my bed every day.  I try to not judge people.  I think marriage should be for people in love, no matter your sex, religion, or race.  I have one tattoo that represents being free from an abusive marriage, and my second tattoo represents my baby that is in an urn in a blue velvet box nestled in my closet.  While I'm not a perfect person by any means, I hoped her daughter was more tolerant than she was.

Now some of you make think that that was inappropriate for me to say, or it wasn't a "classy" thing to say.  If living in RI taught me anything, it's that it's ok to say what is on your mind.  I'm not a bad person.  I'm not a thug, nor am I "one of those goth girls" (which by the way..more power to ya)...I mean come can I be goth in a tie dyed Lulus beach tshirt??? So I see my response as that I am a strong person.  I will stand up for myself and will not let someone degrade me because of what I look like or that I have "ink". My tattoos have meaning for me.  I look at my star and remember my papaw telling me to do anything that I want to do. I look at it and it represents moving to Rhode Island after my first marriage fell apart because my husband was an emotionally and physically abusive douche bag.  It represents that I am stronger than that and I refused to live in that life for year after year because that's what someone thought I should do.  My love tattoo represents the love that I will always have for my son Kiernan.  Every time I look at it, I think of him. It's beautiful and it's an expression of my love and rememberance of him.  It's something I look at and can smile about.  How dare you take either one of these moments away from me because you think I'm a drugged out loser with tattoos.  

So--before you judge...think!

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