Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Previous comments from other blog

I wanted to transfer some of the comments from the other blog (that I will be deleting) and instead of asking you all to write the same thing (ha!), I copy and pasted!

Aly, I have absolutely nothing to add. I just keep thinking, “Yes! Yes! Yes! She’s exactly right.”
I know that doesn’t help at all, but I also know there isn’t much I can say that does help.
I feel like I’m finally starting to get a good view of my little Jack in heaven now. I find that my ideas of heaven are so much happier and fun than they used to be. Because I know if my Jack is there and if he’s happy than it must be a wonderful place. And I think babies in heaven must still love their moms and dads. God is love, after all. It wouldn’t make much sense if after he perfects us and takes us to paradise that we would forget about loving those we loved the most. If everything in heaven is perfect than our little boys love us in such a perfect way we probably can’t even fathom it.
And I’m sure Jack and Kiernan have a good time there together. There must be a bundle of little babies tumbling around in God’s front yard. Just having fun and knowing someday we’ll be there to hold them too.—Janice

Well said! I am sure many will be helped with your honesty.—Theresa

(My first comment didn’t show, so here goes #2!) I’m proud of you for answering, “yes, but not living” because it had to be hard! There’s another blog I follow about triplets, with one of them in Heaven. And they hate when people call them twins, but they don’t always want to explain either. It must be hard! There are widows and orphans, but there isn’t a word for mothers of children who have died because it shouldn’t be. It’s not fair Description: :(--Alison

Hi Aly, we’ve read your blog and I’m glad that you’re doing this because I think writing our deepest emotions down is good therapy and sometimes easier than speaking them. I’ve done it since I was a child. Couldn’t stand for anyone to be mad at me (family) so I left hidden “love notes” on their pillow beneath the covers. My writings have helped me greatly over the years and I hope it does you also. I’m sorry that you and Steve are having to endure this tragedy. We love you both and are here if you need us.-Faye

Oh I can relate to so much that you wrote here! This could have been my post 4 years ago. And somedays it still feels a bit like that. Amen to the BS. I never knew I could want to punch someone just because they tried to say something comforting.
I’m so glad you are sharing with all of us, though. And I hope it helps in a small way to get it all out there.—Janice

I love hearing about your days. The good ones an bad ones. I have a friend who lost her 15mth old to SIDS in September. I have seen her through her bad and good days. I still pray for y’all daily. It seems like a lifetime since we were growing up on Colonial:)--Ashley

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